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Title VI Information
Virginia State Police Videos

This video shares the story of an Alleghany County Sheriff’s Officer and his son, Ryan Hall’s battle with addiction. Ryan’s battle with addiction started when he suffered a vertical tibia fracture during a high school football game. When the prescribed opioid pain pills ran out, Ryan turned to local dealers, who recommended he try heroin. Ryan is on the path to recovery and struggles daily with his addiction to opioids. Sheriff Hall and Ryan Hall spread their message “that all it takes, is one time.”

This video shares the story of an Eastern Shore native’s battle with addiction and her untimely death. Katelynn Sterling was a cheerleader at Arcadia High School and an All-Star softball player. Katelynn’s family shares her story in hopes that it can inspire other people to change their views on addiction and seek help for their disease.  Katelynn is one person that will never get a second chance at life.

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