Eastern Shore Community Services Board provides comprehensive mental health services to the citizens of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
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Psychosocial Rehabilitation Day Program

Treatment Philosophy

The ESCSB Psychosocial Rehabilitation Day Program believes that recovery is possible for individuals who are suffering from mental illness. The program aims to create an environment where an individual's strengths are recognized and shared with others in a supportive environment.

The Achiever's Clubhouse is the cornerstone of this program and is the vehicle through which services are provided.

The program is also designed to reflect reality through daily structure, interactions with peers, staff, and the larger community. When individuals are lacking in the skills needed to cope, the program teaches and reinforces those skills through the individualized service plan (ISP) each member completes with a psychosocial staff member.

Service Location

The ESCSB Psychosocial Rehabilitation Day Program is also known as the Achiever's Clubhouse:




Achiever’s Clubhouse
24278 Bennet Street
Parksley, Virginia 23421
(757) 665-5890

10:00am until 2:00pm
Monday though Friday


Transportation is provided for those who need it beginning at 8:30 am and concluding at 4:00 pm.

For a description of the services available through our Achiever's Clubhouse (our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Day Program), please click here.

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