Eastern Shore Community Services Board provides comprehensive mental health services to the citizens of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
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Adult Services

Treatment Philosophy

The ESCSB believes that recovery is possible for individuals who suffer from mental illness or a co-occurring substance abuse disorder. The recovery process begins with a thorough understanding of the individual's presenting concerns in the context of his or her bio-psycho-social history.

During this beginning or assessment phase, the individual with the assistance of the treatment provider, begins to formulate the goals they wish to accomplish during treatment. The ESCSB treatment team will then meet to decide which services or treatment providers can best assist the individual in meeting their personal goals. Often an array of services is needed to meet the individual's goals.

When multiple services are provided, the ESCSB staff members coordinate the services so the individual can participate in a seamless plan.

Service Location



Eastern Shore Behavioral Healthcare Center
19056 Greenbush Road
Parksley, Virginia 23421
(757) 665-1260


The Child /Adolescent Outpatient Department is coordinated by licensed clinicians with other clinicians and case managers working under their supervision. When individual therapy is part of the treatment plan, it is designed to be short term in duration and focused on solving specific issues identified during the assessment.

Individual therapy is viewed as a stepping stone for individual's to be able to participate in the group therapy modality. To this end , outpatient department also conducts group therapy for areas of common concern such as anger management and post traumatic stress disorder as well as on-going support groups for individuals struggling with anxiety and depression.

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